Work Therapy Unit

The philosophy of the Work Therapy Unit is to provide life enriching opportunities to the people we work with.

Aims and Objectives:

To generate meaningful work activities which includes maintaining and enhancing their existing skills in the areas of social, leisure and recreational skills.

To provide activities of a therapeutic nature.

To involve each individual in making real choices and also to assist them in their own development.

Overview of Activities:

  • Green keeping and lawn maintenance.
  • Horticultural programme.
  • Christmas table arrangements.
  • Dance classes with Attitude Dance Studio.
  • Laughing therapy and head massage.
  • Music therapy project.
  • Food and health project.
  • Sport programme.
  • Drama classes – Blue Sky drama group.
  • Art classes.

This service caters for adults who have completed their training in the Adult Training Centre; the Work Therapy Unit is a horticultural based unit which provides the individuals who attend with daily horticultural duties and responsibilities.

This unit also has a strong focus on community participation and involvement and arts and crafts experimentation.