The governance structure of St. Hilda’s Services includes a board of directors (including parents and families of people we work with) ensures that the care of people within the service always comes first. This is facilitated by our ethos, mission statement and the principles.

Board of Directors:

  • Mr. Finbarr Collins
  • Mrs. Mary Meares
  • Mr. John Blackweir – Chairperson
  • Ms. Angela Flynn – Secretary
  • Mr. Michael Evans
  • Ann Kenny
  • John Keena
  • Siobhan Freeburne Powell

Finance Committee:

  • John Blackweir
  • Angela Flynn
  • Micheal Evans
  • Finbarr Collins

Quality and Safeguarding Committee:

  • Angela Flynn
  • Siobhan Freeburne Powell
  • John Keena

Code of Conduct for Board of Directors

Financial Statements Year End 31.12.2018

Financial Statements Year End 31.12.2019

Financial Statements Year End 31.12.2020