Our School

History of School

In 1966, St. Hilda’s School was founded. It was initially based in a bungalow provided by Mother Hilda of La Sainte Union Sisters, staffed entirely by volunteers, providing 2 hours of education each day to children with intellectual disabilities.

St. Hilda’s School is now located on Grace Park road, Athlone. It has a staff complement of 7 teachers,including an administrative principal, 7 classroom assistants and a general assistant. There are currently 25 children attending the school ranging from 5 to 18 years old.

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Aims and Objectives of the School

Provision of quality education for all children according to their abilities and needs

  • Overview of School Activities
  • Sport- participation in Special Olympics e.g. athletics, swimming and gymnastics
  • Play- A new playground has been constructed at the rear of the school
  • All academic subjects are taught and the curriculum guidelines are closely followed as laid down by the department of education
  • Other curricular activities include self-help skills such as cookery, bed-making and domestic chores.